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Wholesale Pool Equipment is a site dedicated to home owners who have a pool and need replacement equipment or parts, or who want to build their own swimming pool, (we also own Build Your own Pool ) or remodel an existing pool. We offer 30 - 70% savings over the national retail stores, and can provide technical advice many others cannot. This comes from our many years in the pool building, and maintenance industry.

We can help you figure out what you need on your existing pool, or can design an equipment package for you that will let your pool perform the way it should and you want it to. We help you save money through our Build Your Own Pool program and make the process easy enough for anyone to do it!!

We believe in being fair and honest, and will take the time to figure out what your needs are, so you feel satisfied with the whole experience.

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Please email orders@azwpc.com or call at 480-551-7077 with any questions.

Wholesale Pool Equipment  FAQ's

At Wholesale Pool Equipment, we answer a lot of questions. For your benefit, we've compiled a list of the ones the crop up most frequently from our customers. Their topics span the gamut but if you have a question and can't find the answer here, don't hesitate to reach out and call us. We'd love to help you!

Build Your Pool FAQ's


"Why a variable speed?"
  Besides it being law and you won't pass inspection without it, its an amazing tool for power savings on your property. It uses 80% or less power than your traditional single speed pump. If your upgrading from a single speed on an existing pool, you would see a 20-25 percent decrease in your overall electric bill.
When variable speed pumps were first required to be installed by law, landlords and realtors were upset over being forced to pay the prices. Manufacturers recognized that market and came out with a smaller capacity variable speed pump. They were compliant with laws, but their issue was performance. A small-capacity VS pump will max out at 1.5 horse. Whereas the ones we sell are three horsepower. Most single-speed pumps are already running 1.5 horsepower. You would be running this smaller VS at full speed to do the same job. There would be no energy savings.
 Almost no one needs three horsepower. But the idea is to have the potential to run three horsepower but never use it. Your standard single-speed 1.5 horsepower pump runs at 3450 RPM full speed. A VS pump at 3450 RPM is doing 3 horsepower. You will need to run the VS half the speed at 1725 to match what the single-speed does. Half the speed= half the power, which means half the electricity & half the cost. And even then, you're only running it long enough for the cleaning system to operate. Then dropping down to the lowest speed needed to circulate the pool. The goal is to run the pump at the lowest RPM for the longest amount of time possible. At lower speeds, a VS is using less than 150 watts of electricity. That's the equivalent of two light bulbs burning.
 No, a VS is not needed or required for water features. However, if the water feature is large or you have multiple features, you would more than likely choose a 2 or 3 horsepower pump. The price between the 2 or 3 horsepower isn't that much less than just choosing the VS. Plus the cost difference is usually worth it to the customer to have the ability to control the flow of water with the RPM's of the pump

 "What's the difference in cartridge vs sand and D.E.?"
Most of what is popular with new builds these days are the cartridge filters. They don't have a backwash valve so the water restriction is less, allowing the pump to flow more GPM's making it more efficient. But most want a cartridge for the water quality. Both cartridge and D.E. are pretty equal in filter quality. We measure filtration in microns, or how small a particulate can be to be filtered. D.E. and cartridge are both somewhere between 7-10 microns whereas a sand filter grabs at microns as large as 35-40 microns. So with sand water quality isn't as good, although cost and maintenance are minimal. So sand would be good for heavy dust, winds or if you plan on letting your dog swim in the pool.
  D.E. is old school. And works well. But to deal with the backwash valve, tearing it down every year and wasting an entire Saturday trying to figure out how to put it back together, and that nasty silica-based, D.E. powder, it's not worth it when you get the same water quality as a cartridge filter.
 Sizing is based on how much water we need to turn over. A filter volume depends on the proper turnaround. A rule of thumb is never to go with the smallest. Start out with a mid-sized filter for even the smallest pool. And go up from there.
Cartridges, sand or D.E. grids are good for 3-5 years if you take care of them and keep fresh water in the pool. Letting the calcium become too abundant in a pool can permanently choke out and filter media.

"What Heater Is Right For Me?"
Always choose a 400K BTU heater where applicable. It's always important to be aware of your designer's notes to make sure we are choosing propane or natural gas. Choosing the wrong one can be catastrophic and cost you a lot of money.
But even if the notes indicate one or the other, check the plan sight its self. If the notes call for natural gas and you see a propane tank drawn, ask your designer.
 Can you get away with a 250? You don't ever plan on heating the pool, just the hot tub?
There is only a couple of hundred dollar difference in a 250 VS a 400. And even if you do only heat the hot tub (which no one actually does) a 400 will still be more efficient for you, because it runs more effortlessly to heat a small body of water quickly, using less gas to do so. 

"Is electric heat an option for me?"
Always consider going big. The larger the more efficient. Most heat pumps now have a cool option. People aren't necessarily going with Heat/Cool for the cooling feature. They're doing it for the energy savings. A heat/cool unit has dual compressors. In a "Ice up" situation whee the unit shuts down because the ambient air is too cool, they have a dual compressor they can switch back and forth, allowing the unit to operate in some cooler air environments.
Most heat pumps will not exceed 95 degrees. Most people like their hot tubs hot. Like 102 or 104. So we don't recommend using a heat pump for a pool/spa application.
In a pool only situation, they can be temperamental. A heat pump operates by pulling in the ambient air surrounding it and compressing the heat from it to heat the water. When the ambient air hits 50 degrees, it can no longer achieve this. But in most regions, as soon as the sun breaks for most of the year, even winter it can be above 50 degrees. Its the night time that it struggles with.
You can run the heater during the day when it's warm and program the Easytouch to shut the pump down when there's no sun. The heat loss overnight (even without a solar blanket) is only 6-8 degrees.  
Whenever considering a heat pump you must include an extra temp sensor for the automation as well as a 3X3 Cladlite slab. Do not use plastic. It will not last.


"What are my lighting options?"
 The designer will almost always have your lighting set up on the plan for you, but in cases where you asking where to move them, or they aren't a BYOP and don't have anything marked for lights anyway.
The first rule is no matter what, you do not want any light facing the house. It can be blinding to people admiring the pool from their porch or patio. If your pool is symmetrical, a larger 5G light will do. If the pool exceeds 25 foot in length, recommend a second light. If the pool is free-formed ( Especially radically), multiple Globrites spread the lumens smoother throughout the pool better. It takes 3 Globrites to match the lumens of one 5G. Globrite's are best applied to areas a 5G may not reach. Such as grottos and Baja benches. They need to be installed in depths greater than 6 inches. They require that much water to keep them cool and not burn out. Transformers are needed for any low voltage application. With a normal 100 foot run, 3 Globrites can be powered by 100 watts. But the difference in 100 watts and a 300-watt transformer in price is very little. So when in doubt always go with the 300-watt transformer. The lights colors and modes can be controlled from the Easytouch / Screenlogic set up. However, if you are not going for automation, you will need the IntelliBrite LED Light Controller.

Automation Panels

"What are my options for automation?"
 Audit the pool design for functions is the very first thing that needs to be done. Even if the pool is small with few options to operate, Always choose an 8 function right up front, If you are not aware of what else will be doing to the back yard, so you want to make sure there is plenty of options to tie into the Easytouch. Most people are surprised they are able to control more than just pool options with automation. It can tie into gazeebos, fire pits, and even yard lighting. If you are seriously cutting cost and don't have plans to expand the yard, then dropping it to a 4 function is acceptable, so long as they were aware of all your options.
 If you are on the fence about automation but want salt. Easytouch with salt is money ahead. Since the power supply is provided inside, the extra expense is only the cost of the cell.
  Pool and or spa. If you are wondering about the difference in the unit verses, the Pool / Spa unit not only comes with the valve actuators necessary to switch between pool and spa but the operation of the circuitry can recognize the spa as its own entity. All panels have the capability of adding two additional actuators for water features. Easytouch can not exceed two.
 If you're dealing with a pool that has outgrown Easytouch's capabilities, you will need to shift to Intellicenter. The first 6 on our website are bundles. They come with everything you see including the remote capabilities. These bundled Intellicenters are about as capable as Easytouch, but a little higher in price ( usually a couple of hundred when you compare Easytouch with the Screenlogic ) but it does come with the touch screen in the panel and the remote capabilities are more user-friendly. The CON is the price.
 If your pool has exceeded Easytouch and you are moving into Intellicenter, it's better to move past the bundles and build it Ah la carte. First, choose your load center. There are two. One with salt capabilities and one without. The one with, only contains the power center, not the cell. You will have to add the cell at the end. Next is the personality kit. Again audit what the pool is going to need in functions, then go a little bigger. You can go with a 5, 8 or 10 function. If you are exceeding 10 functions you then choose a power center panel, with or without salt. And then the i5X Expansion Kit. You will have two boxes controlling 15 function side by side.
Next, if you want remote capabilities, you will need to choose the Wi-Fi Antenna (primary client bridge) to your quote.  And finally, the salt cell if applicable.

Salt System
"Is doing salt worth the expense?"
You've had that friend or a neighbor that had terrible luck with their salt system. A salt system takes a little more effort to pay attention to the pool chemistry.  
People who had bad experiences with salt aren't likely watching their alkalinity, PH or calcium levels in the pool. Keeping the alkalinity a little higher in a saltwater pool is necessary. That helps keep the PH balanced better. Keeping your PH at 7.2 or even a little lover helps to keep calcium from collecting. This not only helps avoid cleaning the scale off of your cell as often, but it slows down the calcium build up that collects on water tile lines. Remembering to drain your pool every other year and filling it with fresh will keep the calcium and hardness down, protecting the cell.
 Why an Intellichlor?
Most pools plan to have a Pentair automation panel. Having it with salt is a $400 saving without having to buy the power supply. All salt systems work the exact same way with a couple of small exceptions. They all have a cell and they all have a power supply. All salt systems have their power supply out on the wall with the controller and processor. Just baking in the sun. The Intellichlor is the only salt system that keeps its processor cool by installing it directly on the cell its self. It's essentially water-cooled.
 All cells have metal plates inside the are fed 24 volts of electricity. When they become charged, and the salt particles come in contact with the electricity, that salt particle becomes Chlorimitic Acid. Which is the purest form of chlorine available? Manufacturers make chlorine in this exact same way, but they add oils and scents to it and try to cut it down. It leaves your pool with all those additives giving you that harsh chlorine smell and dry skin. With Chlorimitic Acid, you don't have those issues. It is released into the pool, it sanitizes, then it turns back into a salt particle to be reused over and over again. And salt doesn't deplete like other chemicals. It stays in the water until you drain it.  
 Sales guys would tell you, that you would never have to add chemicals to my pool ever again.
First off, the life of a salt cell is limited. And the only chemical it is replacing is FREE chlorine. You still need to float tabs in the hottest couple of month of the summer. It doesn't replace adding Muratic aid but it does help stabilize it.
Your typical weekend homeowner turned pool guy goes out on a Saturday and see's his chlorine is low. And so he dumps a bunch in. That spike can greatly affect the PH. And then the PH can affect the alkalinity. PH and Alkalinity are the hardness and the softness of your pool water. They affect the erosion and deterioration of anything you have underwater. Your surface, tile line, cleaning system or any plastics. With a salt system, there is a steady feed of chlorine dripping into the pool anytime the pump is running. This ensures a stable environment for your other pool chemicals prolonging the life of the pool. Freshwater is key. Total dissolved solids that accumulate in the water cause so much damage.

In-floor Cleaning

"Why Paramount In-Floor Cleaning?"

  Paramounts product is superior to A & A, Caretaker and Blue Square. We get precise CAD designs (That takes 24 hours and is a free service) from their design team who design head location and valve quantity based off of your own plan. They give us excellent pricing for an amazing product. If you have ever had a pool in the past with in-floor cleaning you'd be aware of how the operation of a pop-up head works. They have core springs and plastic ratchet bodies. Their intricate cogs and teeth break down from wear and tear as well as UV and water chemistry damage. But with Paramount PV3's they have none of that. Its a solid thick body with a cylinder core that has a heavy brass weight at the base. It utilizes the weight to keep the head down when there is no water flow to that zone as opposed to a thin spring pushing it down. They bore the orifice at an angle so as it's in the upper approach, it rotates slightly clockwise, eliminating the need for a ratchet mechanism. With a ratchet system, the head is locked in 1 of 16 exact positions. What pool owners find is, the erosion caused to the floor of the pool around the head actually etches the surface into a distinct star pattern leaving the pool looking worn and unsightly.
 Paramount is homegrown in Arizona and their heads come with a lifetime warranty. But in all the years I've been here, and the thousands of head we've sold, we have yet to warranty even one.
  Their main debris drain is VGBA compliant and very effective in catching any leaf or dirt that gets near it.
 The distribution valves have never had to be re-engineered since they were introduced to the pool industry nearly 30 years ago. Its a rock solid Sherman tank. The wear and tear replacement item would be the valve module. They're good for 2-3 years and run around $200 bucks.

Vac Cleaners

"What vacuum will work for me?"
 For years Hayward dominated the industry with their Navigator cleaner. Then the Pool Cleaner came out. Pool guys were reluctant to get on board with such a radical design. Mostly because they wouldn't break down. With the Navigator, pool service guys were pocketing a couple of hundred bucks a year on repair on them alone. Then pool guys found out during the monsoon season, the Navigator was getting clogged with debris like they usually do. And they were spending an hour to clean up the pool the cleaner couldn't.
 But then they went into a yard that had The Pool Cleaner and it was running and the pools were clean. Pool service guys know time is money and they make more money having The Pool Cleaner on their customer's pools than what parts were worth.
The Pool Cleaner has a flexible turbine inside allowing rocks and debris to pass through it without shutting it down. They require less flow as they were designed with variable speed pumps in mind. And if a person changes the tires on them annually, (about 40 bucks) they can get years out of the machine without even cracking it open.
Pentair has since come out with a near-exact design in the Rebel. No cleaner (besides in-floor pop-ups) will clean steps and benches.
  If you're interested in a robotic cleaner, of course, Pentair is the best choice. Matronics makes the best robotic cleaners on the market, but we play hell with warranty and shipping issues. Most of their products are Trade Grade items. But Pentair commissioned Maytronics to make their line of robotic cleaners. Now we have a great cleaner with a good company. No more warranty or shipping issues.  

Water Features

"What are my water feature options?"
The most popular of our water features are sheer descents. They're inexpensive and good looking. They come in 12",18",24, 36 and 48". We can get some larger but they are normally special order and require an additional shipping cost. Commonly they are sold with 6" lips. 1" lips are available. And people inquire about them to avoid seeing the pipe coming out of the back wall. That really isn't worth the toss-up. Having a 6" lip allows the water a little extra room to smooth out before exiting giving it a smoother more glass-like effect. Whereas with a 1" lip, its apter to be choppy and much less smooth of an effect.

Some people prefer LED sheers. They are considerably pricier but worth the effect. It will require a sync device that allows it to operate with your current manufacturer lighting. And when choosing a transformer (they are 12 volt) 100 watts covers 30 foot of lighting. The manufacturer CMP does not make a LED lighted sheer longer than 48". LED can only apply to straight walls. The lighting is in the lip so it can not be cut or contoured. You can only cut and contour a standard sheer with 6" or 12" lips.

BOBE COPPER. If you see scuppers in a plan that don't call out any specific dimensions, a standard choice would be an 8" smooth flow scupper. Its the perfect size for a 24" collum or even just on a raised wall. If you want something more specific, reach out to us for a quote for Bobe. When we receive it, we will have to send this separate with your quote since we do not have copper items on the website.  

 Deck Jets: We sell A&A brass. Unless the request Laminars. Questions asked about deck jets are, what size pipe to use. They are plumbed to accommodate a 1" female threaded adaptor. "How far back into the deck do they go?" You can have them as far back into the grass if you want, but most plumbers stub the pipe up just outside the shell, putting them 10 from the cantilever of the deck.
 We try to avoid the plastic deck jets as much as possible. They are poorly built and the jet portion cracks often, they sell them in packs of three. Eventually, a customer gets tired of replacing them and stops using the feature altogether.

Laminar's are also normally set against the outside of the pool shell. The added cost of the Laminar's should also involve the electricians as well as the plumbers. Tan tops with 100-foot cords is what is most commonly sold. Anything else will be a special order. WHEN SELLING LAMINAR'S ON A QUOTE, ALWAYS INCLUDE A 120 SQUARE FOOT PENTAIR CLEAN AND CLEAR FILTER. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL VOID THE WARRANTY OF THESE VERY EXPENSIVE DECK JETS.

Bubblers have to be sold in two parts. First the niche and then a Globrite with the appropriate length cord. Bubblers should not be installed in depths exceeding 9 inches. Any deeper the worse it effects of the feature. 


Aerators have become a little less seen on pools these days. Because an abundance of water features almost replace its function. When ran overnight, They can cool the overall pool temperature by 5-8 degrees.
If none of the trades caught the aerator and the pool is done with a 3/4" pipe cut flush with the tile, you aren't in trouble. We sell a press in aerators the fit 3/4" inside diameter pipe.
  When a plan calls for a grotto/waterfall, always go with a second pump. Most pools with this feature will be large in size, and most families don't give a thought to leaving it water feature mode. Leaving the in-floor cleaning system with no power to clean the pool

Ozone & UV
"Does alternative sanitization work?"
 Ozone and UV are a great way to help kill bacteria and to sanitize the pool water. Ozone is a box that hangs on the wall near the equipment and has a bulb inside that when lit, emits an ozone gas. On the other end is a plastic tube that feeds to the suction side of the pump. The suction from the pump vacuums in the ozone gas to the pool through the filtration system.
  Uv is a chamber that sits beside your filter. Water from the filter is pumped into the clear chamber surrounded by lights that shine UV rays into the passing water destroying bacteria.
Some manufacturers say that having the two combined would eliminate the need for any other sanitizer. There are too many variables involved that can disprove that. We feel that UV and Ozone's main purpose should be to help to not overwork an existing sanitizer, whether that be salt of chlorine. They would allow you to run chlorine levels lower than you would without them, And to run a salt system at a lower percentage saving the life of the cell.

Debris Canisters
"What if I have a lot of Vegetation in my yard?"
In back yards where there is heavy vegetation, it's always a good idea to include a debris canister. You would have to have to determine plans to the back yard in regards to vegetation. Obviously, if they're large trees or lots of bushes, we emphasize the need for one. Texas is a given in most cases.
 Be aware that the basket that comes with the pump they are purchasing is very limited in capacity. You will be out there every day and after every little wing storm cleaning it out. With a debris canister, it can hold many times the capacity of a pump basket. This prevents it from choking out the pump, causing little to no flow, or worse, pump failure.
 There are two different kinds of leaf canisters. In-deck and in line. We prefer to sell inline because its easier access, more durable and less leak-prone to the in-deck canisters. 

Should I put in a play pool or a diving pool?

Both of these options provide different advantages and you need to weigh what you want out of your pool. A diving pool is going to give you the depth you need for deep swimming and diving action. Think about how frequently you will be diving or jumping in. Bear in mind that diving pools require much more water than play pools. With play pools, they are a great style for wading and playing water games. Both pools grant you the same amount of surface area and contribute similarly to the beauty of your yard. The feedback we most often receive from our customers is that they prefer the shallow end of their pool for relaxing and several of them regret the additional depth of diving pools.

When is the best time to run my pool?

When the weather is warm enough for you to swim that means it's warm enough for algae to thrive in your pool. Our recommendation is that when it's swim season, the best practice to combat algae is to run your pool system during the heat of the day to keep your water cool and combat algae. Many people operate their pools on time saving programs to avoid peak rates but the money you save in electricity will cost you in chemicals, time, and headaches. Another easy solution to consider is the Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump.

Is there a method of controlling pH in my swimming pool?

There are three common ways to control pH levels in your pool. The first is by manually adding approximately half a gallon of chlorine a week but never more than 2 cups at a time to maintain levels between 7.4 and 7.6 pH. The second way is by using a Pentair Intellichlor feeder that utilizes salt cells to control acid levels in your pool. The third way is to use Pentair's Intellichem, which also utilizes salt cells but also tests your ORP and pH constantly and automatically makes any adjustments necessary.

Can you recommend a good pool cleaner?

The most popular pool-cleaning route is selecting an automatic vacuum. Our personal favorite is the Pool Cleaner. It's our number one seller and has always received amazing feedback. It works by roaming the bottom of your pool and vacuuming up all dirt and debris then sending it directly to your filtration system.

Another route, that's secondary to a great automatic vacuum is a Paramount in-floor pop-up system. This system works with a series of strategically placed pop-up heads in the floor and elevated areas of the pool that vary in size. Typically they are a between 2-4" in diameter. They work by a distribution valve that's powered by returning water from the pool pump that powers the heads, which in turn enables them to push dirt and debris into a central drain at the bottom of the pool. The water from here is then moved into the filtering system.

Are variable speed pumps worth it?

Absolutely. The Intelliflo variable speed pump is the newest and greatest thing to happen to pools in a long time. The three phases of this pump run on only 220 volts so there's no special wiring involved, no winding or burn up since it's magnetically driven, and with the timer on board, no external timer is needed. It runs on an lower RPM to match your existing horsepower on your current pump. This means an overall savings that on average of between 18 to 20% off of your current utility bill! Plus, between the monthly savings and the rebate you'll receive from your utility company, your variable speed pump can do a lot more work for around the same cost as your single-phase pump.

Pool Gallons Calculator

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Oval / Bean Shaped Pools


Free Form
For a free-form pool, multiply the length by the average width, then multiply by the average depth. Multiply the product by 7.5 to find the capacity in gallons.

To find the average width or depth, measure in several different places, then add all of those measurements up. Divide by the total number of measurements.

Example: A+B+C+D divide by 4, because there are 4 total measurements.

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  • Electrical and or Gas items are non-returnable once they are installed

We will accept returns on most items (except custom or special order) in new, unused/unopened condition within 30 days of purchase for a refund less any shipping and handling charges and a 20% restocking fee. All returns require a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#), as well as original Receipt. If you have a return, please contact Customer Service for the RMA# and return instructions. Any returns shipped without RMA numbers will not be accepted.

Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping back unwanted items. All returned items must be in their complete, intact, original packaging. Upon receipt, the item will be inspected to ensure it is in new, resalable condition. This includes the condition of the original packaging as we cannot resell any items with damaged packaging. Upon approval, a refund will be issued via the payment method originally used to place the order. Please note that the refund amount will be for the original purchase price minus shipping and handling and a 20% restocking fee. Custom and special orders may not be returned. NOTE: Electrical and or Gas connected items are Non returnable once they are installed.

ALSO once you receive the item, check to make sure it is the correct item, i.e. Gas or Propane heater, Heat or heat/cool Heat Pump, ect. Once it is installed it cannot be exchanged if not correct item.

your product is not functioning properly, please call the manufacturer of your product as soon as possible (but not later than 30 days from purchase). In most instances, the manufacturer can assist you in diagnosing and resolving your product problems. However, if a product is determined by the manufacturer to be defective, we will replace the product with an even exchange of the same item, subject to in-stock availability. Replacement items will ship once the defective item is received and inspected by our Returns Department. Buyer is responsible for all return shipping costs. All returned items are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Custom and special orders may not be returned.

OUT of State orders will have UPS, or LTL Charge added at checkout, can call on larger items for freight quote.

WE do NOT give exact times for deliveries they are by time frame only. Driver will leave in inconspicuous spot, or you may clarify on order where you would like left by house or backyard.

Please Call first for availability, most items are in stock in one of our warehouses, but some items may need to be S/O

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PRODUCT REGISTRATION LINK B.Y.O.P. Customers Register your Equipment at the Manufacturers Site.

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*AZ Local Warranty: Haywardservice@Hayward.com

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Rebate Offers

Manufacturers offer the same rebates year after year. The rebates may sometimes have an expiration date, usually this expiration date is wrong as they fail to update the rebates year after year. Please verify that your rebates are still valid, we are not responsible for expired rebates. We will do our best to keep this page as updated as possible as new products roll out and replace old ones. Feel free to contact us and let us know of any changes we need to make to our rebate center listings, so we can keep it up to date for everyone. Thank you.

Also, please scroll down to see rebates from utility companies offered for your individual states 

Many utility companies offer rebates for replacing old pool equipment, because pools can take up a considerable amount of energy without upgraded, energy efficient equipment. For your convenience, we've compiled a list of some utility companies that offer rebate programs. Please see their individual websites for details and expiration dates. We are not responsible for any changes or expiration dates in your state. Thank you.


APS  https://www.aps.com/en/residential/savemoneyandenergy/your-options/Pages/home.aspx

Salt River Project https://www.srpnet.com/menu/savings/rebates_discounts.aspx

Tucson Electric Power (TEP)https://www.tep.com/rebates/

Alabama https://openei.org/wiki/Alabama_-_Residential_Energy-Efficient_Appliance_Rebate_Program_(Alabama)

Alaska No Rebates on Pool Equipment

Entergy Arkansas http://www.entergy-arkansas.com/content/energy_efficiency/docs/EAI-PoolPump-Rebate-Form.pdf


Anaheim Public Utilities https://anaheim.net/939/Energy-Rebates-Incentives

Azusa Light & Water https://www.ci.azusa.ca.us/517/Rebates

City Of Arcadia https://www.arcadiaca.gov/home/showdocument?id=9634

City Of Burbank https://www.burbankwaterandpower.com/rebates-and-incentives

City Of Corona Department Of Water & Power https://www.coronaca.gov/government/departments-divisions/department-of-water-and-power/residents/residential-programs-rebates

City Of Healdsburg https://www.ci.healdsburg.ca.us/234/Energy-Efficiency-Rebates

City Of Palo Alto https://www.cityofpaloalto.org/gov/depts/utl/residents/resrebate/default.asp

City Of Pasadena Pump And Rebate Program https://ww5.cityofpasadena.net/water-and-power/savemoney/

City Of Riverside Public Utilities Pump Rebate Program https://www.riversideca.gov/utilities/residents/rebates.asp

Contra Costa Water District https://www.ccwater.com/157/Rebates

Glendale Water And Power http://www.glendaleca.gov/smart-home-rebate-program

Imperial Irrigation District www.iid.com/residentialrebates.

Lodi Electric Utility http://lodielectric.com/eurebates.html?page=a#

Los Angeles Department Of Water And Power https://www.ladwp.com

Modesto Irr District http://www.mid.org/rebates/home/default.html

Redding Electric https://www.cityofredding.org/departments/redding-electric-utility/residential-accounts/reu-residential-save-energy-money/residential-energy-rebates/residential-energy-star-applian

SCV Water http://yourscvwater.com/index.php/residential/ .

Sacramento Municipal Utility District https://www.smud.org/en/Rebates-and-Savings-Tips

San Diego Gas And Electric sdge.com/instant

Sonoma https://sonomacounty.ca.gov/General-Services/Energy-and-Sustainability/Financing-and-Rebates/

Southern California Edison https://www.sce.com/REBATES

Colorado https://www.energysmartcolorado.com/rebates/

Connecticut https://www.energizect.com/

Delware https://www.cleanenergyauthority.com/solar-rebates-and-incentives/delaware

District of Columbia https://openei.org/wiki/District_of_Columbia_-_Residential_Energy_Efficient_Appliance_Rebates_(District_of_Columbia)


Gulf Power https://www.gulfpower.com/residential/savings-and-energy/rebates-and-programs

City of Tallahassee http://www.talgov.com/you/you-products-home-index.aspx

Georgia http://www.georgiarebate.com/energy-utility-rebate-programs/central-georgia-emc/central-georgia-emc-residential-energy-efficiency-rebate-program/

Hawaii:Hawaii Energy https://hawaiienergy.com/for-homes/rebates

Idaho https://www.energy.gov/savings/idaho-power-residential-energy-efficiency-rebate-programs

Illinois:ComEd https://www.comed.com/WaystoSave/ForYourHome/Pages/RebatesDiscounts.aspx

Indiana:Indiana Michigan Power  https://www.electricideas.com/work/prescriptive-rebates/

Iowa https://www.alliantenergy.com/WaysToSave/Rebates/2018RebateForms

Kansas https://www.mypointnow.com/rebates-incentives/Kansas

Kentucky:Duke Energy https://www.duke-energy.com/home/products/smart-saver

Louisana:Cleco https://www.cleco.com/programs-for-your-home

Entergy Louisiana http://entergy-louisiana.com/your_home/save_money/EE/residential-solutions.aspx

Maine https://www.efficiencymaine.com/

Maryland:Potomac Edison https://energysavemd-home.com/resources/

Delmarva Power https://homeenergysavings.delmarva.com/appliance-rebate-program/overview/pool-pump

SMECO https://www.smeco.coop/save-energy-and-money/appliances

PEPCO https://homeenergysavings.pepco.com/residential/rebates

Baltimore Gas & Electric https://bgesmartenergy.com/residential

Massachusetts http://www.energy-grants.net/massachusetts-energy-grants-rebates-loans-incentives/

Michigan:Efficiency United http://www.efficiencyunited.com/residential

Lansing Board of Water & Light  https://www.lbwl.com/uploadedFiles/MainSite/Content/Energy_Savers/2018_Residential_Rebate_Application_Web.pdf

Mississippi https://www.energy.gov/savings/entergy-mississippi-residential-energy-efficiency-program


City of St. Louis https://www.greenhelpstlouis.com/rebates/

Ameren Missouri Electric https://www.ameren.com/missouri/energy-efficiency

Kansas City https://www.kcpl.com/save-energy-and-money/home/rebates

Minnesota:Connexus Energy https://www.connexusenergy.com/save-money-and-energy

Montana http://www.northwesternenergy.com/save-energy-money/residential-services/residential-services-montana

Nebraska http://revenue.nebraska.gov/info/energy_appliance.html

Nevada:Northern Nevada https://www.energy.gov/savings/nv-energy-northern-nevada-residential-energy-efficiency-rebate-program

Southern Nevada  https://www.energy.gov/savings/nv-energy-southern-residential-energy-efficiency-rebate-program

New Hampshire https://www.nh.gov/osi/energy/saving-energy/rebates-incentives.htm

New Jersey https://www.cleanenergyauthority.com/solar-rebates-and-incentives/new-jersey/south-jersey-gas-residential-energy-efficiency-rebate

New Mexico:PNM https://www.pnm.com/rebates-and-discounts

New York:National Grid - https://www.smartenergy-zone.com/nationalgridny/

North Carolina:National Grid - http://homeenergync.org/learn-about/rebates/

Ohio:AEP - https://www.aepohio.com/save/residential/programs/ApplianceRebateProgram.aspx

Oklahoma http://www.energy-grants.net/oklahoma-energy-grants-rebates-loans-incentives/

Oregon:Energy Trust https://www.energytrust.org/incentives/pool-pumps/

Pennsylvania:First Energys - https://energysavepa-home.com/assets/uploads/pdf/FEPA_RebatePoolPump_final_LR.pdf

Rhode Island:National Grid Pool Pump https://www.nationalgridus.com/RI-Home/Energy-Saving-Programs/.

South Carolina:Energy Sage - https://www.energysage.com/solar-panels/solar-rebates-incentives/sc/

Tennessee https://www.energy.gov/savings/middle-tennessee-emc-residential-energy-efficiency-rebate-program


Austin Energy https://savings.austinenergy.com/rebates/

CoServ http://www.coserv.com/TogetherWeSave/ThinkGreenRebates/tabid/282/Default...

CPS Energy https://www.energy.gov/savings/cps-energy-electric-residential-energy-efficiency-rebate-program

Utah:Utah Grid http://utahenergy.org/energy-programs/utility-rebate-incentives/

Vermont:Efficiency Vermont https://www.efficiencyvermont.com/rebates

Virginia https://leap-va.org/tips/incentives-and-rebates-for-residential-energy-efficiency-improvements-in-virginia/

Washington https://www.energy.gov/savings/washington-gas-residential-rebate-program

West Virginia http://www.energy-grants.net/west-virginia-energy-grants-rebates-loans-incentives/

Wisconsin https://accel.wisconsinpublicservice.com/home/wi_rebates.aspx

Wyoming http://www.energy-grants.net/wy-residential-energy-efficiency-rebate-program-by-montana-dakota-utilities-gas-in-wyoming

Additional Rebate Information:

Because time clocks, broken pool cleaners, single-speed pumps and cold pool water are SO last season, we’re giving pool owners the gift of time and savings by extending ALL of our available consumer rebates through December 31, 2019!

  • Automation: $50 IntelliConnect™ Control and Monitoring System
  • Cleaners: $50 to $150 rebates on select Pentair® and Kreepy Krauly® Branded Automatic Pool Cleaners
  • Pumps: $50 to $100 rebates on select Pentair and Sta-Rite® Inground Pool Pumps
  • Heat Pumps: $200 on UltraTemp® Heat Pumps