Posted 2019-10-16

A simple checklist to keep your pool and spa area safe:

Do all your gates latch properly? If not, this is a very easy home owner task. There are several Automatic gate close latches that are available at your local hardware store. 

Is your pool/spa equipment grounded? There is a risk of electrical shock if not. Call your electrician to make sure you are safe.

Do all your


Building Your Pool

Posted 2019-10-08

Everyone thinks that building your pool in the summer time is the way to go. But, it really is beneficial to start your pool in the fall/winter season. The trades are not as busy, which means you are scheduled at a much faster pace.  The city that you live in will have to do inspections and during the summer months the are swamped. During fall/winter, their offices are a lot less busy.


Winterizing Your Pool Az

Posted 2019-09-24

Winterizing your pool in Az means something completely different than lets say if you lived in Missouri.  When Az residents winterize, its a fairly simple process. 

1. Clean all leaves and debris from pool surface and baskets.

2. Make sure your pH levels are proper. See 9/17/2019 blog post for correct levels. Once your levels are correct for the winter, you can start cutti


Pool Maintenance

Posted 2019-09-17

Pool Care can become very frustrating. We understand. That's why we want to give you some basics to make your life easier:

Your Pools filter - Back washing is essential, but its important to know when to do this. You should back wash when your water pressure is 8-10 psi above the normal range. Cleaning your filters is an absolute must. Cleaning the filters a few times during the seaso


Replacing your Pump

Posted 2019-09-04

One of the best ways for you to save on your electric bill is by replacing your old Pump. The Variable Speed Pumps are energy efficient and use less energy that single speed or 2 speed pumps. There are manufacturer rebates as well. Electric companies may have a rebate on top of manufacturer rebates. If your pump is more than 7-10 years old, replacement is a must. There are several Variable Spee


Automatic Cleaner Maintenance

Posted 2019-08-13


Remember to service your Automatic Cleaners. There are a variety of cleaners on the market today and they ALL need maintenance. If your pool is near foliage, you will want to empty the filter after each use.  A full filter could be one of the reasons the cleaner all of a sudden falls off the wall as it is climbing. A few things to keep in mind that are e