Replacing your Pump

Posted 2019-09-04

One of the best ways for you to save on your electric bill is by replacing your old Pump. The Variable Speed Pumps are energy efficient and use less energy that single speed or 2 speed pumps. There are manufacturer rebates as well. Electric companies may have a rebate on top of manufacturer rebates. If your pump is more than 7-10 years old, replacement is a must. There are several Variable Spee


Automatic Cleaner Maintenance

Posted 2019-08-13


Remember to service your Automatic Cleaners. There are a variety of cleaners on the market today and they ALL need maintenance. If your pool is near foliage, you will want to empty the filter after each use.  A full filter could be one of the reasons the cleaner all of a sudden falls off the wall as it is climbing. A few things to keep in mind that are e